“the competence and the experience of its two constitutive
members to advise you, guide you and assist you...”
Raja Trabelsi is a lawyer who studied for 7 years at the University of Law , Tunis , Tunisia , where in 1998 she gained her Diploma in advanced studies following these academic studies Raja began her professional career as a legal intern at the prestigious law firm “Mourou and BAHRI” practicing and specializing in business law, following these academic and professional studies , Raja established her own law firm in La Marsa / Tunis in 2000 .
Following her success in the early years of the

new company and her extensive experience on business law and more specifically to the following disciplines, commercial law, company law, tax law, the civil law, customs law, the right of the road, air and sea, the right of foreigners in Tunisia, real estate, foreign investment laws , and it is in these areas where she has been very successful .
Currently, the firm master Raja Trabelsi, consists of six assistants, it is also equipped with the most sophisticated means of modern up-dated communications.
The law firm “Raja Trabelsi“ has been faced with all the challenges of today’s modern world ,and helps clients to take the right path to success. Its strategic approach is pro-active,and is both practical and innovative. It rests on its ability to meet the immediate needs of its clients and plans with them, the long-term success of their business.
The law firm “Raja Trabelsi“ has all the skills required to understand the needs and issues of business requirements of its clients, regardless of the geographical boundaries, and is able to respond in Arabic, French, Italian and English for the different demands of its customers around the world.
For over 10 years, the law firm “Raja TRABELSI“ has provided legal advice to take account of developing markets, and through this consistant search for innovative solutions and the proven quality of its services and advice enable it to establish mutual trust and relationships with its customers.

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