“the competence and the experience of its two constitutive
members to advise you, guide you and assist you...”
Over the years, the law firm “Raja Trabelsi“, has acquired an enviable reputation,in Tunisia, the firm is well known for its strong expertise in business law and litigation.
The firm proudly represents the private and public sector and clients of all catagories, and all levels ranging from(startup companies to well established companies)and in every aspect of business including :
Business Law
Criminal law
Competition and Antitrust
Protection of intellectual and industrial property
recovrement of credits
Labour Law
Family Law
Law and Civil Litigation
Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring
International taxation and double taxation agreement
Mergers and acquisitions
Real Estate, property development and planning
Trade Law
Corporate Commercial
Insurance Law
International Trade & Environmental Law
Securities and Corporate Finance
Transportation Law (international road, sea and air)
Customs Law
International Transit
Implantation of foreign companies under the Law on incentives for foreign investment
The powers of the Cabinet of Trabelsi who is a master of Law crosses all boundaries of Tunisia and thanks to its privileged relationship in key countries, the firm is a major resource for companies operating across borders and who need advice on legislation Tunisia. Apart from our strong presence in Tunisia, we also offer our services to customers all around the world.
By calling on our services you can expect to work with talented professionals, committed to a dynamic and forward thinking approach, we have a policy that meets the immediate needs of our customers and help them plan the future and success of their business, we treat all cases, all meetings and all calls to the same extent as it is many ways communications with equal importance in order to build relationships of trust and to maintain long-term links with our customers.
The impressive list of our longstanding customers proves that we take seriously and have a desire to serve them well and respond appropriately and immediately to their needs.
FINALLY, our continued interest in creating complete competence in our company, clearly demonstrates that our pro-active approach is fully integrated into the values and culture of the way in wich our firm operates. We are fully aware that legal issues are among many other stratigic elements of the over-all business of our customers, that is why we want to provide clear guidance and effectiveness, that does not create confusion and fall into the maze of complex legal terminology.
In short, with us, all our resources are used in order to secure the successful future of our clients existing or new.

Route GP 9, MARSA MALL Complex, 1st floor, Office number 4, 2046 sidi Daoued.
Phone :
(+216) 29 571 055
(+216) 71 854 136
©2010 The law firm Master Raja Trabelsi.
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